Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

​Dear Family,

​There haven't been many recent developments in the work since my last letter. We weren't able to teach any of our investigators that we've been teaching for awhile. Bob was away in Budapest and didn't get home until Thursday night and is planning on going to London for most of this week so we won't be able to see him until later in the week.

Another investigator, Dan, is a bus driver and has really busy hours so it's hard to find times to meet with him but he is always interested in learning more and has been to church a handful of times in the past couple months. I think if we are able to meet with him regularly a few more times he will accept the invitation to be baptised. He has already told us that if he knows that the Book of Mormon and what we're teaching him is true that he will be baptised. So the focus of our next lessons will be on the importance of the Book of Mormon. If he knows the Book of Mormon is true, then he knows Joseph Smith is a true prophet and the teachings and revelation he received is true. A testimony of the Book of Mormon is the key to conversion but I'm sure you all know that.

Like I've mentioned before "Finding", which includes all the ways of approaching people or knocking on doors or anything really to find people to teach, isn't much of an issue any more. Of course there is a natural amount of stress to be expected when approaching a random stranger who can tell who you are by the badge you wear and has already decided what their response will be to you and usually won't hesitate to express the disdain they feel toward us missionaries and the church that we represent, but even that has begun to recede because of how many times Elder Poulino and I have done exactly that over the past month. It's become a little more clear to me why people in the Church often consider European missions to be difficult but I've also seen that the Lord always provides many ways for His work to be done in any area of the world. Regardless of whatever factors come into play in England and not in other parts of the world, there are still many people being prepared for and searching for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are ready to change so that they may incorporate it into their lives.

 A recent bit of "mission drama" unfolded this week. The Apostle Quinton L. Cook is coming to London tomorrow to council missionaries from the London Mission as well as the London South Mission. The Area Authorities have asked that all missionaries able to be in London by 9:30 to be there for the meeting but the Mission President and his assistants were the final word on who gets to go. When we first found out we were originally told that the eastern half of Poole Zone (which includes Christchurch) would definitely be going. On Saturday we were then told that only a few areas from Poole Zone would be going but that Christchurch wouldn't be included. The crazy part about that is that Christchurch is the closest area to London in the Poole Zone and areas further away from London were allowed to go. In the end none of Poole Zone is going apart from the Zone Leaders because they have a car. I have to admit I got a little more involved than I should have but I really wanted to go to London! At least I have a few more opportunities to go to London if I'm called to serve in the Wadsworth Zone.

Just like every week it had its ups and its downs but it was still a good week. I love serving in England and love meeting so many new people! Thank you all for the love, support, and prayers that you send my way!

Elder Draney

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