Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Dear Family,

This week we taught many new people and spend a lot of time talking to everyone we possibly could and we saw a lot of miracles and blessings that came from our hard work! The week flew by and it's exciting to have another busy week ahead!

I noticed and you pointed out as well that I haven't talked to much about the area or the ward so I apologize for that! I still don't know the ward as well as I did in Christchurch and I think part of that comes from it not knowing Christchurch so well but also because I only had 3 weeks to learn from someone that had been in the ward for awhile. We've definitely learned the geography because we had to find a lot of the places ourselves and we've gotten to know some of the ward members really well.

We work with Stuart a lot and it always makes our day when he comes with us on a lesson or we teach him. The Norths are the family that drove us to the temple and we have dinner with them every Monday and we like them a lot as well. One of our favourite people is a widow named Pat Saunders, who we call "Auntie Pat". She is from the Lake District, which is up north close to Scotland and North Ireland, and has one of the coolest accents I've ever heard! We help her with service whenever we can and she always feeds us. Whenever we talk to her on the phone she tells us what she's going to make for dinner and when either of us says "That sounds really good, thank you!" she always replies "Well you aren't having any, you can watch me while I eat it but I don't know where you thought you were getting any!". It's hilarious every time and always makes our day. Northerners are really sarcastic so it is always fun to talk to her and she always makes us smile when we see her! Our Ward Mission Leader is really good as well and we enjoy working with him a lot, he has a passion for missionary work and does a lot to move it forward.

There are lots of other members that feed us and help us out a lot but there isn't room for it all but it is a fun ward to be in and a great place to serve!

We have a handful of lessons lined up this week with new people and others that investigated in the past so prayers that we will be able to teach them would really help us! We are excited about the changes that we are seeing in the work in Hamble River and have set the goal and fasted to be able to baptize in the next 4 weeks and are confident that we can!

I realized yesterday that it has been 11 months since I opened my mission call! It's hard to believe that it has been that long! I can see why time seems to go so much quicker on a mission now that I've been on my mission for a little bit. The first reason is because time does go quicker, there is just no other way. The second reason is because everything that happened before is lumped into the Pre-Mission part of your brain and it's hard to distinguish when it actually happened. The third reason is because no matter how experienced you are or the things you've done there is still work that needs to be done now. Whatever it is we've accomplished there is still much to be done in the future and for that reason we shouldn't look back on that we have done already.

The repentance/apology comes at the end of the letter like it usually does. I haven't really taken any pictures and don't have any to send this week. I promise to take more this week and think about it more often so I take more pictures. I've also been asked by a few people to send a reminder that the blog hasn't been updated in a while.

I love you all. Thank you for writing me and sending so much encouragement! I'm grateful to have people interested in what goes on over here and I love hearing about your lives as well!

Thank you!
Elder Draney

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