Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

Hello my friends and family!

Today we celebrate the colonies' victory over the Mother Gentiles! What a wonderful day! We are having a barbecue with the district to celebrate, and only 3 of the 10 of us are American, so it's not only an American holiday!

It was a busy week like always. There isn't a ton of time so I will probably one or two sentences for each day.

Monday we moved the sisters. That's it. Truly. But it was a load of fun to be honest.

Tuesday went quickly without many major events.

On Wednesday we worked! And we helped clean out the sisters flat for about an hour.

Thursday was Zone Training and Elder Ribeiro's birthday! Having both of our birthdays this week was cool, we got a cake from the Cherringtons! Zone Training was a lot of fun to plan, we based everything around Faith, Obedience, and Works as well as Accountability from our mission training plan. We had a lot of activities based on the war chapters in Alma!

On Friday we went down to do a baptismal interview for a friend in Clapham named Christian. Elder Ribeiro interviewed him about an hour before he got baptised. Then we stayed he night with the Clapham Elders to go to another baptism in the morning.

Saturday night we had fufu with Sister Aidoo. When we showed up we were absolutely soaked, so she INSISTED we change into her son's dry shirts. The one I got was 15" super slim fit, so that's why it looks like body paint. A couple minutes after we got there 8 Danish men showed up! A returned missionary that knew Sister Aidoo came to visit with the young men from his ward!

It was a great week! I love you all so much! I know Christ lives, more than I know anything else.

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