Thursday, September 25, 2014

Safe arrival - Sept 25, 2014 1:16 p.m. MDT (8:16 p.m. GMT)


I am here safe. My flight out of London got delayed a bit so I didn't arrive until about 40 minutes ago. I've already met up with the Elders that Carson knew when they got their calls the same time as me.​ 

I don't have too long to email and I don't want to start feeling homesick. I love you very much and miss you very much too. 

I couldn't stop noticing things I wanted to talk to you about but I would stop myself, knowing that it would be [a] bit before I actually could.

I already feel the difference that comes with the calling of a missionary and I feel more ready than I ever have before to do the work I must do while I am here. Even though it was a very long day it went by quickly and I know that I will be home soon enough.

I love you lots! I will be able to email again on Wednesday because that is our P-day at least for now.

Elder Draney

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