Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014

Selected bits from Elder Draney's first real emails:

​I haven't read Dad's email yet so the reply will mostly to the questions that Mom asked and I'm replying to it because I know that Mom will be the first one to see the email. :)

My companion is one of the other Elders called from Vernal to my same mission. His name is Elder Mahrt. The first thing he said to me when I arrived was "So this is the Elder Draney your grandma talked about so much!" He worked in the Vernal Temple with Grandma a lot before leaving and listened to all the things Grandma had to say about me while he worked with her.

The MTC is a bubble I think and I won't really be able to tell how much I like it until I spend more time outside and speaking to people that live here. Most of the missionaries here are from the US so I haven't heard too many British accents but I have heard many other international accents.

Two other Elders that are staying in the same room as us are both from different countries. Elder Senkans and Elder Morelli, Elder Senkans is from Latvia and is 6 foot 3 with blonde blonde hair and a deep voice, Elder Morelli is from Italy and is 5 foot 5 or 6 with dark brown hair and a higher pitched voice. They are both very funny and have made my stay at the MTC easier.

There are things I love about the MTC but I am very eager to go out in the field. I understand what dad meant when he said that the MTC was a lot like EFY because it really is and I enjoy it but know that it will be different very soon. The days really do seem like weeks but looking back the week seems like at least 2 days ;). I love you all and I hope everyone is safe. I miss you very much but also understand the importance of the work I have ahead of me.

​"This is my District that we are taught in everyday. The tallest is Elder Senkans and he is companions with the shortest, Elder Morelli. The two sisters are Sister Mahaffey withe the brown hair and Sister Stigant with red hair. Sister Stigant is from the UK and actually lives closer to the MTC than she will in her mission in London South."

MTC companion, Elder Mahrt
I know that being out in the mission field will have challenges I haven't faced yet but the feelings I have gotten as I have prayed for comfort and guidance are that the field is where I will really lose myself and love my mission most. I have less than a week left in the MTC and I look forward to meeting President Millar and my trainer, but especially to meet those who have prepared to be taught by the Spirit and listen to what my companion and I have to share.

Being able to contact you has helped in some ways and made it harder in other ways but I know once my roots really grow (in the mission, not any specific place) that I will love being on my mission in the England, London South Mission. This is the work He has prepared f​or me, so I will work harder than I ever have before and focus all of my efforts on uplifting others to accomplish all that He needs me to do.

I pray for you often and I know our family and others are praying for me as well. I'm excited for everything the Lord has in store for me and those I will teach while I am on my mission. I love you. It won't be long before I will be wishing I had more time to serve and I know that I can always be happy my working my hardest and focusing my efforts on the people I will serve.

Elder Draney

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