Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Dear Family,

This week has been an amazing week! Elder Poulino and I were able to extend 2 baptismal dates and they were accepted! The first one is an investigator/kind of former investigator named Ian. Ian had a date previously but wasn't able to be baptised on that one. He is a very spiritual man that has a strong desire to change his life. He has to make a few changes before he is ready to be baptised on the 24th of January. We hadn't been able to meet with him for awhile before this week but he is still very eager to be baptised and make positive changes in his life!

The other as you might have guessed is Bob! We've seen a lot of Bob this week and he committed for this Saturday on the condition that he meet with the bishop and discuss how he would go about paying tithing and he was able to speak with him yesterday. We're planning out everything we need to do to be ready by then and we're even spending P-day with him today(I'm actually using his iPad to email) and having lunch! It's exciting to finally be planning a baptismal service!

We also had to move flat this week and that was very stressful. We found our new flat a few weeks ago and had everything worked out to move in but we just needed a few new furnishings before we moved in. We also had to clean our old flat, which has been an elders flat for ages, to make it acceptable for sisters to move in... The short story is that we didn't meet the sisters standard of cleanliness. We didn't have a lot of time to clean the flat because we were working with investigators, meeting with new investigators, working on the bus plans for us AND the sisters once they moved in, finding affordable furnishings for a new flat, packing up our stuff and things that were being moved, fixing an old broken bed frame for the sisters, arranging for help with the move and getting a van for the move so we didn't have a lot of time to clean the flat. Everything worked out but we were a little more than annoyed when we were called and told that the flat wasn't as clean as they wanted it. The worst part is that all of the things we missed were problems caused by previous elders and things we didn't even know about. I guess it shows that we're all still learning.

Our ward has also spoiled us quite a bit and gave all of the missionaries a lot of gifts yesterday. We seriously have an amazing ward here in Christchurch, it's been such a blessing to work with them and grow so many new friendships! I already know I have made lifelong friendships with people I've met on my mission and I am so excited to meet so many more amazing people!

Christmas will be a wonderful time for people this year but we have also been asked to make sure we get in some finding time on all three of the holidays this week being Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. We will be searching for those who don't have family to be with or no knowledge or belief of their Saviour because they are the ones who need it most.

Transfer week is a week from Wednesday, it's gone by so quickly! Elder Poulino will most likely be leaving, he's been here for 7 1/2 months, and I will be left to lead the area. We will know by next Monday what changes will be made! I'm fairly certain Elder Poulino will be called as Zone Leader in the Plymouth Zone so we'll see!

Now the part you've been waiting for. We've arranged a place to Skype on Christmas Day, we will be eating a Christmas dinner/lunch at a member's home at 2PM here and will Skype closer to 5PM. The hard part is figuring out exactly when we will be on but I will email you when we are at their home and with enough notice so you can be ready. I will probably email you and then wait for a reply or a call from you so we can Skype! At the earliest it should be 8AM on your end!

I love you all so much and can't wait to Skype on Christmas!
Elder Draney

PS Crackers are usually opened anytime during the season, usually at a meal though so you guessed it right.

PSS Jacob got his mission call to Japan! That's soooo crazy! I'm super excited for him!

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