Monday, May 18, 2015

Technology Update - 18 May 2015

Dear Everyone,

So as you can probably guess by the title my mission has finally entered the digital age! All of the missions in Europe either now or in the near future are now allowed to use iPads to help make certain aspects of missionary work and will be able to be reach people in new ways. We aren't able to use Facebook yet but we will soon.

  The missionary work is moving forward as well! We were able to start teaching a family yesterday made up of a man named Allan and his son as well as his girlfriend Sadie. Allan is from Lebanon but was raised from very little as a Christian by his mother and had to hide his faith until he was able to move from the country. We taught them about the Restoration yesterday and they were all very receptive and Allan said he felt something he hadn't really felt before when we prayed with him and is excited to keep learning. When we asked him if we could come back to teach them more he said "I was hoping you would say that,"! That lesson and getting to know them better was a highlight of this week.

  Croydon is a crazy place! There are lots of different people from all over the world and many different backgrounds. Contacting on the street is always an interesting experience because we never know what to expect but we always find people that make it fun! We are teaching a good amount of people as well so we are always busy.

  The week before I left Hamble River was Portsmouth Stake Conference and this past week was Maidstone Stake Conference so I had a pretty rare chance to go to 2 Stake conferences in the last 3 weeks. The theme seems to be keeping the Sabbath day holy by keeping the focus on the Savior and setting it apart as a day away from worldly distractions. It has been a good experience to listen to many church leaders over the past month and learn from their experiences and the talks they have given.

  I found out today that last Saturday one of the people I taught in Christchurch, Bob, was baptised after investigating the Church on and off for more than 2 years! Elder Poulino was able to go back to Christchurch and perform the ordinance and I will send some of the pictures of that day!

Elder Draney

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