Monday, June 8, 2015

Moves Week - 8 June 2015

Dear Family,

This week will be a quick one because of moves week as you can probably tell by the title! There are two changes in the district and my new companion is Elder Probst. He's from America and that is about all that I know, I will meet him later today. Elder Belnap got moved to an area about 30 minutes away called Crawley.

The most important update this week is that Jonathan got baptized on Saturday! It was a very spiritual ordinance and he was so excited to make the covenant and become a member of the church! In his prayers with us leading up to the baptism he would always ask to be prepared to make the covenant to follow Christ and to stay on the path, and he would always thank the Lord for "his missionaries"! He will be confirmed next Sunday because we had a special conference this Sunday.

This Friday Elder Holland is coming to speak to the London and London South missions and all of the missionaries from both of the missions will be going to the Hyde Park Chapel in central London to hear him address us. While Croydon is technically in London it will be really cool to go into central London and more importantly to hear an apostle of the Lord council us on how we can improve the missionary work in this part of the world. A few months ago Elder Cook came and half of the mission, including me, weren't able to go so it will be really nice to be there when an apostle speaks this time! Elder Holland quickly became my favorite since I came on my mission so that's a bonus as well!

I wish I had more time, I have a lot of pictures I want to send and to resend the ones from last week as well but it will have to wait.

I love you all greatly.
Elder Draney

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