Monday, July 27, 2015

Blessed Croydon - 27 July 2015

Dear Family,

This week was a pretty crazy week in Croydon, truly every week is crazy in Croydon but this one was especially eventful!

The first thing that Elder Probst and I have noticed about the beginning of this new transfer being the only missionaries in Croydon is that the Lord is blessing us in many ways but especially with amazing people to teach. When the other companionship closed we started teaching everyone they were which made our teaching pool a lot bigger so we spend the majority of our time teaching. Even though we don't have much time to try and find new investigators the Lord is still blessing us with new people to start teaching!

One of the big highlights of the week came as a huge blessing. On Thursday we taught a man named Nadir and he is already working towards August 29th to be baptized. Nadir was contacted by the other set of missionaries almost 2 months ago and he had a card with their number on it but didn't hear back from him until Tuesday of his last week. He called them up and apologized that it had been so long but still wanted to meet with them, but because their area was closing they referred him over to us to start teaching him. Nadir has really been prepared to learn and accept the restored gospel. He is from Pakistan but was born into a Christian family and has been active in the faith his whole life. Recently he wanted to know more about the Church and really wanted to attend a church that has great faith but also acts on that faith rather than doing nothing and waiting for a miracle. After we taught him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon the Spirit got really strong and even though we were standing in front of a busy building and next to a road with loads of  loud double-decker buses going by we all felt touched in our hearts and were able to have a really good lesson. We met again with him this morning and we are continuing to have good lessons! We are so excited to keep teaching him!

Things are going really well with the others we are teaching also! Melissa is going to be baptized on the 8th, a week from Saturday, and is ecstatic about it. She has waited a long time to be baptized and now she will be! Stephen is also making good progress as well! He has been taught for awhile and knows everything but has made a lot of steps to be ready to be baptized at the end of September and support his wife! Martin is planning on being baptized on the 29th of August well but we might move the date as it gets closer.

We've felt a few different times and for different reasons that it is important for Elder Probst and I both to be in Croydon right now and we aren't the only ones who have felt that way. Yesterday we saw Allen briefly and he shared with us that he had been listening to bits of the Book of Mormon on his phone and that when we told him we were staying in Croydon for another 6 weeks that that he felt there is a really big and important reason that we are. Along with a handful of other things, we felt/confirmed with Allen that we are here to teach him truths that he has been waiting to hear and answer deep questions that he as had for a long time. Allen is a very smart guy and he recognizes the need to have more time to sit down and listen to our message. We will teach him and Sadie tomorrow and will try to see them more often than we have been.

Elder Probst and I are pumped for this next transfer! One of the members of the mission presidency is in our ward and he told us last week that there are actually over 400,000 people in our area. That gives us 200,000 each, we are going to have a lot of fun this transfer! I'm glad I'm staying with Elder Probst as well! We've had good times already and get along really well so another transfer with all of these blessings will definitely be a good time!

It always inevitably happens but there are a lot of things that don't translate into an email as cool as they were in real life and for some things you have to be there in person. Sometimes I wish I had a GoPro on my chest so I could record all the things that happen in Croydon, and then other times I'm glad I don't... But I really do wish you could see so many of these things! I guess that means I should take more pictures...

Sorry I don't have any this week. Next week, I promise.

I love you all! I truly know that helping others around you to be happy is the best way to find happiness in your own life. Share your gifts, talents, and joy with others and I know they will all multiply!

Elder Draney

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