Monday, July 13, 2015

Halfway through Summer - 13 July 2015

[Editor's note: I wish the pictures were bigger, but they came through pretty small from the email for some reason.]

Dear Family,

So the sad part about this week is that the plans to go into Central London didn't work out, but the good part is that we get to spend P-day in Croydon regardless! Still not as fun as going to London. But life goes on.

This week was the best week of my mission so far in terms of the amount of people we were able to see and teach. It feels so nice to be able to spend the majority of our time teaching as that is what we are called to do. We weren't able to see some of the people that we would have liked to see but we still got a lot done.

Martin, who was planning on being baptized this Saturday, probably won't be getting baptized this Saturday but very likely will be soon afterward. While we were teaching him this week a few more concerns came up and we decided it would be best to have more time before he is baptized but he is still making a lot of progress.

The highlight of the week happened while I was on exchange so I wasn't even there for it but I got to hear about it over the phone! My companion stayed in Croydon while I went with another missionary to his area, and they went to teach Jonathan a little while after I left. While they were teaching him Jonathan's brother, Christian, came home and they invited him to join in with the lesson and they started to teach both of them. At the end of the lesson they invited Christian to be baptized just like his brother and he accepted to work towards being baptized on August 22nd! When they called and told me I couldn't believe it, it's probably the best news I've ever received over the phone!

We are still working with Allen and Sadie but we weren't able to see them this week so there isn't anything to report on that. If we see them this week we will invite them to be baptized at the end of August and are confident that they will accept so pray for them this week.

Early in the week we also got to do a cool service project with one of the members of the ward, Dominic who I talked about last week. Dominic is a professional magician as well as other things and he goes through a lot of decks of cards but still has loads left over. So for a couple of hours we organized hundreds of playing cards and packed them into individual decks so he could re-use them rather than just tossing dozens of almost complete decks away. It was a pretty cool thing to see so I will leave a picture of it in the email.

This week is also the last week of the transfer so there is the possibility of me moving from Croydon, which is pretty scary. I've only been here for 2 transfers and I hope to stay for a lot longer so I have my fingers crossed I will stay! I will hopefully know by next Monday so I will let you know, but I have no ideas/predictions this time because anything could happen. It is the first transfers with President Gubler so things could change a lot, but again fingers crossed I stay in Croydon!

The one positive about not going to London is that I have the most solid excuse I've had in a while for not sending a lot of pictures! I was planning on taking lots of cool ones in London but that will have to wait. But I will send some of other things that happened this week. The boy is Ollie, one of the Primary kids who got on my iPad on Monday!

Thank you for your emails and prayers. I love you all!

Elder Draney

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