Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Week

Hello my friends and family!

This email will probably be really short, there was a lot we had to do today and still some things we need to finish so I apologise!

This week flew by! Some weeks are refining weeks on mission, and this was a refining week. Some days it felt like everything was slipping through our hands and their was nothing we could do about it, but regardless many things we saw this week still confirmed to us that the Lord is in control.

On Sunday night we were at a fireside with President Gubler where he was training us and the members from the stake on reaching out as member missionaries, and at the end a sister approached us and told us that she had been less-active for 4 years and wanted to start coming back to church. She told us that she wants us to come and reteach her the gospel, and that her non-member boyfriend would be there as well. It was definitely a great blessing right at the end of the week!

This week is the last week of the transfer, so we will find out what is happening to all the missionaries in our district. Elder Chazuka and I are confident that both of us will stay. I pray that we will, because we really get along and have done a lot of good work together.

Plus he makes really good food!

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