Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015 - A Week of New Things

​Dear Family,

I never realized how much changes when missionaries move to a new area until I moved away from Christchurch! I was surprised I was moving so soon and didn't get to say enough goodbyes but I am looking forward to the time I have ahead of me in Hamble River! Hamble River Ward is the second ward in Southampton and covers most of the eastern part of the city. It's a really weird area because our flat is almost in the middle of Southampton but it doesn't feel or look at all like a big city.

Just about the best thing that can happen during a missionaries week in a new area happened to me! One of the investigators Elder Remon and his previous companions have been working with got baptized this Sunday! I feel really bad for Elder Hayes (The elder that I replaced) because he was here for most of the teaching but only got to serve here for 6 weeks! His name is Stuart and he met the missionaries through his brother who was being taught by them and was invited to go to an activity with them. He's made really good progress in his live since he's been investigating and has a strong testimony of the church and reality of his Heavenly Father. A recent convert in the ward named Matt, who was baptized in October, was the one that baptized him! Definitely a good way to start a new area!

Elder Remon is such and awesome guy! We already get along really well and have worked hard everyday since I came into the area. We've faced a lot of rejection and really harsh treatment over the past week but Elder Remon has been a great example of perseverance and humility when faced with those hard things. Though the work has been hard we've both continued to put our trust in the Lord and tried our best to look forward to the future! Through these things we've been able to see and feel the importance of a testimony of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is so powerful and is truly God's words to ancient prophets recorded and then translated by Joseph Smith. More happiness, direction, guidance, and peace comes from careful study of the Book of Mormon than anything else and I know it to be true

I felt this week leading up to emailing that I would have so much to say but my brain is still experiencing a lot of transitions so I'm having a hard time finding more to write about! :P

I love all of you. I appreciate so much and often rely on the support you give me.

Elder Draney

Here is a picture from Stuart's baptism:

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