Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015 - Typical English Weather

Dear Family,

This week was filled with a lot of rain! It started raining in the afternoon on Wednesday and pretty much kept raining up until this morning! The water level of the river running outside our flat was very high most of the week because of the rain, but this morning it was barely running to the point were all the boats and docks that were once floating are now stuck in the mud on the bottom of the river. The weather changes so quickly and unexpectedly here that it is hard for us to ever be completely prepared for how it will be that day! I've never been more thankful for an umbrella in my life.

There are always ups and downs in the weeks but there are also weeks that are harder than others. This week was one of those weeks. I wouldn't class it as the hardest week I've had on my mission but it definitely has been one of the most challenging times I've had recently. I attribute a lot of it to adjusting to a new area and new people, but also a bit of slackening on my part in my studies and attitude toward missionary work. Based on the way I had been feeling I set out to try hard each day to find a way that I can improve, at the moment I'm focusing on the two flaws I mentioned earlier. The Lord is keenly aware of all of our limits and what trials we need to face to reach our full potential and will never allow it to go beyond out breaking point.

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go with Stuart and two of the members in the Hamble River Ward to the Visitors' Center at the London Temple. It is always a blessing to visit the temple grounds and is especially satisfying to go with an investigator or recent convert. Stuart really enjoyed the experience and looks forward to getting a recommend and beginning to do work in the temple!

The members in the Hamble River Ward are really good people and have helped us in many ways already. We have a good amount of dinner appointments during the week and we have members present for most of our lessons. The members that took us to the temple and our ward mission leader are especially helpful. I really got to know and love the members in the Christchurch Ward and I'm excited to get to know these members!

I appreciate all of your prayers and emails and always look forward to writing back to you about my experiences on my mission. I love serving God's children and helping them feel the love that Heavenly Father has for all of us! Continue to put your trust in the Lord and he won't let you down!

Love Elder Draney

Here's our picture at the Temple:

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