Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015 - Unexpected Changes

Dear Family,

​This past week ended in a few surprises that I definitely wasn't expecting! I have a new companion and one that was in my MTC group! Elder Remon was moved unexpectedly and my new companion is Elder Senkans from Latvia! We were in the same district in the MTC and now we are serving together in Hamble River! I don't know the area very well at all though... but the Lord will provide!

My mood and outlook have greatly improved since last week and I am so grateful for my mission leaders and all of the support I receive from everyone back home as well. I feel much more ready work hard in the coming weeks!

There isn't too much to report on in terms of fun or interesting missionary experiences during the week but we worked hard and had a lot of fun a long the way! Even though I don't know the Hamble River area or ward very much I'm still excited to continue to serve here. The people I know well in the ward are wonderful people and have helped us a bunch already and I know they will continue to help us in the future! The members that took us to the temple with Stuart are especially helpful and have made our lives a lot easier.

The Area Authorities in the Church for the Europe areas have put for forth the Area Plan for the next few years for missionaries and members to be focusing on. The plan includes doubling active membership in the church over the next several years as well as getting more members and non-members involved in family history work. That will be the focus of our efforts over the next few weeks and we will be trying to get as many members as possible familiar with the plan and working to do their part in making it happen. It's an exciting time to be a missionary! Working more with members is something that I've wanted to improve on for awhile so it will be fun to use the Area Plan to begin working with them more effectively!

I know I should send more pictures but it isn't because I'm not taking any that I'm not sending any back. Every week I seem to either forget my camera entirely or I forget the cable to hook it up to the computer. Pictures are definitely on their way, just not this week, sorry.

President Millar has asked us as a mission not to let anything slacken our pace. If the adversary can get us to slow down our work in anyway he will do it. The we can do as missionaries is to continue working hard and place further trust in the Lord, because He is he only one that will never ever let us down. It seems to be a lesson that I'm finally and slowly beginning to learn, that the best way to overcome challenges is to work harder and place more trust in the Lord rather than slow down or droop in despair. It is something I am trying to do better at and I've already seen many of the blessings that come. I know that as we all put the will of the Lord first, we will find more true peace and happiness, even if it doesn't come when we want it.

I love you all. You've been examples to me and supported me throughout my life. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for me.

Elder Draney

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