Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

​I truly tried to come up with a creative title but there wasn't anything title worthy this week, but it was still a really good week! We had Zone Conference on Saturday and it was a really really good. We were taught by Elder and Sister Dyches of the 70 and we were definitely spiritually fed! It was good to see other missionaries from other zones as well! I was able to meet up with Elder Poulino and it was great to see him! I realized how much fun we had as a companionship and how much I enjoyed serving with him! I also saw other people from my MTC group including Elder Mahrt my MTC companion! It was a really good conference!

Our teaching pool is pretty limited in Hamble River and goes about as far as 2 semi-progressing investigators and less-active and recent converts who we try to teach every week. One investigator is Ace from Barbados. He is a really good guy but hasn't kept any of the commitments we've left him and doesn't set solid return appointments so he hasn't progressed very much. The other one is Jennifer. She is American and pretty strongly Catholic. The biggest issue is that she isn't reverent at all during prayers. I was in the middle of saying a closing prayer and she interrupted me pretty loudly to ask a question and I almost had a heart attack! We have an appointment to teach Stuart's brother Dean who dropped us a few weeks ago so hopefully we can get back into rhythm with him and help him grow closer to Christ.

Like I've mentioned previously our area is pretty massive. We don't often have a chance to go to the southern most part of our area so we try to make it count when we do. Yesterday we were in the area for a dinner appointment and stopped by a referral from only to find out that it was a prank referral and that they didn't actually want to be taught. Pretty frustrating. Getting to know this area and the ward members is our present quest so we can involve as many members in our work as possible and help them reach out to their family and friends to help spread the gospel. Working with members is pretty vital in a big area like this so that is a lot of our focus at the moment.

The weather is at an awkward stage where the temperature shifts from "winter coat weather" to "almost need shorts weather" 7 times a day and only gets cold when we wear lighter coats. English people love to talk about the weather and it's no surprise. Nice, consistent weather is a rarity and is the go-to subject for the rest of the week when it does come. Hopefully it gets warmer soon and stays warm so the people will be a little bit happier and nicer!

Here's a picture from Zone Conference: Elders Mahrt, Senkans, Draney, and Redd

Elder Draney

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