Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Dear Friends and Family,

Another transfer down :( it goes so quick! It feels like a couple of weeks ago that I went to the Temple with Elder Probst to pick up Elder Chrimes and now we are already 6 weeks into our companionship!

The good news is that I am staying in Croydon! Even though we both knew that we have 6 more weeks of training together Elder Chrimes and I were a bit nervous that one of us might be moving, but thankfully we are both staying! Five transfers in an area is by far the longest I have spent in an area so far but I am truly blessed that I have been able to stay here as long as I have!

The other good news is that we aren't going to be the only missionaries in our ward anymore! Tomorrow with another group of new missionaries coming into the mission there are a few more areas in the mission opening up and the second area in Selsdon Ward is one of them! Tomorrow an Elder I don't know yet (Elder McCombs) and a new missionary he will be training are coming to serve with us in Croydon! We spent a few days last week cleaning up the flat they will be living in and doing other things to prep it for them and now we are just waiting for them to get here. Another companionship in our district will be nice too, should be a lot of fun!

Yesterday we had a training meeting with President Gubler and the whole zone, it was very powerful. We spent a large amount of time discussing the miracles that we are seeing in our areas and how we need to be more bold. Being bold is so much fun. :) Naturally at the beginning of my mission and for awhile afterward being bold and confident in situations that are uncomfortable was probably my weakest point. Over the past few months I have improved a lot but President Gubler has asked us as a mission to be as bold and loving as we can, to fear no man. After the meeting yesterday that is exactly what Elder Chrimes and I did, we went out and preached the gospel fearing nobody but the Lord. We have already seen improvement in our work and the way that we need to work to find everyone the Lord is preparing. We are excited to continue working and fearing no man!

Last week I mentioned going to Leeds Castle as a district but I wasn't able to send a lot of pictures so there will be more coming this week! Castles are cool. It's that simple. Hopefully we will visit more soon!

My mission is a testimony to me of the truthfulness of this work in so many ways that it is hard to describe. There are many spiritual experiences that I hold close, but the missionaries and people that I have met are a huge boost to my testimony as well. A few weeks into my mission a member got up to bear testimony and quoted from a friend of theirs saying "Missions are where the fun is." and I wholeheartedly agree! Back then I wasn't so sure, but now I cannot deny it.

Love you!

Elder Draney

(I tried to send some panoramas from my iPad but they are too big to send so I apologize for that)

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