Monday, May 16, 2016

I love Peckham!

Hello my friends and family!

The Lord blessed Elder Ribeiro and I our first week together! We were able to teach Ola and Grace several times and they are doing great!

Ola is ready to be baptised this weekend! He's always asked amazing questions from the beginning of us teaching him and we've felt very distinctly the Spirit giving us the words to say as we answered them. He truly is seeking the kingdom of God first and leaving the rest tothe Lord!

We also taught Grace, we called her Wednesday morning and she said she could see us later that day. We followed a prompting and taught her about the temple. It was hard at first because it's really new to her, but when we started talking about baptisms for the dead the feeling of the lesson changed. It was incredible to see how it touched her heart. We are going to visit the Temple with her on Tuesday it will be great!

If you remember a few weeks ago Elder Howe and I taught a man named Gregory. Gregory vanished after we taught him the first time and we were always on the look for him. On Tuesday my first day with Elder Ribeiro we found him! We taught him again on Wednesday and even though it was in a McDonalds he was locked in and came prepared to learn!

We were blessed with many great lessons this week.

I'll be honest I'm having a very very hard time writing this email! It shouldn't be this hard but it is!

I'll end with my testimony. I've been blessed to take part in such and important and urgent work on my mission. Because of spiritual experiences I have felt deeper than any thing else, and miracles that
I have indeed seen with my eyes and been privileged to be a part of I know that God lives and His Son Jesus Christ is our Saviour. The knowledge I have gained from the Book of Mormon is priceless and I know that it was written many years ago for us.

I love you all greatly!

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