Monday, September 7, 2015


I'm on finally! Here with Elder Chrimes! He's from Swindon England and he lives about 3 hours away from Croydon... But we've had a lot of fun so far and he has a good attitude about it! You mentioned that raining might be a lot harder than I thought it would be at first, and you were right. Things have settled down a lot but the first few days were really draining, haha. Elder Baum that is friends with Carson who was in the MTC with us came back into the mission this transfer and I
thought a lot about training him but it didn't happen. I love Elder Chrimes! He was really quiet at first but he's opened up a lot, still very nervous to contact people but he is already a really good teacher. As soon as I hugged him for the first time and talked with him on the way back I knew that he would be a lot like me at the beginning of my mission. I'm on for a little so I can chat as well and will try to do a big email but it will probably be short!

[Editor's note: I don't think he ever got a chance to send "a big email." I don't recall seeing one from that day. There were several pictures!!]

London Temple the night Elder Belnap and Rife left, the night before Elder Chrimes(silent "h" by the way, pronounced "Crimes") got here.

Elder Probst and I right before he left the flat for the last time! Comp Mario visors from McDonald's!

Croydon clock tower at night as well, just a random picture!

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