Monday, September 21, 2015

Hump Day!

Hello my friends and family!

This past week was a really fun week! It went by so fast. There were lots of interesting things that happened that made it an enjoyable week!

It's not the only thing that has gone by fast though. The title says it all. This week I will have officially been in England for a year! I don't know what to think. It's a crazy feeling but is scary at the same time, only having a year left is a mixed bag of emotions so I won't even try and to explain it!

Elder Chrimes and I were able to do a lot of good work this week but we saw a lot of miracles on Tuesday. We received 2 different referrals from missionaries in other areas with people they met or have been teaching that are moving to Croydon and want to be taught, referrals are always great!

The coolest part of the day happened as we were trying to contact another referral at an address we had been given. We tried their house but they also had a neighbor living below them and another flat above them. After no success with the address we were given, 11A, we tried 11C downstairs and got an answer but he said he knew that a man lived in 11A but didn't know much else. As we went to walk away I felt to try 11B and so said to Elder Chrimes "Let's try 11B" so we went to ring the doorbell to see if we could teach them. A little while after we rang we heard a someone ask who it was on the other side of the door and after saying we were missionaries, a woman answered the door and talked to us through about a 6 inch gap. We began talking to her and after a few moments asked us to come in! We went in and taught this woman, her name is Patricia, all about the Restoration and she was very interested throughout the time we were there. Patricia accepted everything we taught and was especially grateful that we asked her to pray and receive her own answer rather than just believing us. We are going to see her again tomorrow! That's the second time I've been let in my whole mission, and both of them have been with Elder Chrimes!

On Wednesday we went on exchange and the Elder that I went with is in the Marine Corps back home so woke up early and did some crazy bicep exercises which I've been recovering from all week!

The rest of the week wasn't filled with particularly exciting experiences but it was still a very good week! I love serving in Selsdon Ward so much! I'm grateful I have 2 months, in theory, more to serve here with Elder Chrimes!

Elder Chrimes is such an all-star! He has overcome a lot of challenges over the past few weeks and has grown a lot. He's a hard worker and has a sincere desire to help God's children. I love serving with him! He's teaching me a lot more than I feel like I am teaching him!

I love you all! I want you to know how grateful I am for my mission. I have learned more, hurt more, struggled more, rejoiced more, and loved more this year than I ever have in my life. Seeing the change that serving a mission with a true heart and desire to work has wrought in me and so many others strengthens my testimony greatly. I know that some missionaries aren't the best examples, and some walk away from everything they have done, but I know that it all comes back to the way they serve and their love for the Lord. As we serve with all our heart and are obedient to all His commandments, I know we will see His hand in our lives and sustain our testimony through all things. I don't believe that, I know it.

Thank you for everything you do! :)


Elder Draney

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