Monday, January 18, 2016

Chilled to the bone

Hello my friends and family!

Last week was wet, and this week was cold! Being able to feel how frigid it was helped me see the difference humidity makes, temperature wise it wasn't that bad but the English air made it cut through to the bone.

This week was definitely and interesting one as well! Sorting out my passport problem turned out to be a lot easier than expected!

On Tuesday Elder Chrimes and I spent an hour at our chapel finding out information about what I needed to do and how we would travel to the embassy as well as calling them and booking an appointment. When I called the embassy to report it was lost they told me I had to go and report it to the police station and they would make sure nobody used it.

We then went to the police station to report it only to be told that they don't take care of lost or stolen property reports anymore and I that I needed to report it to Royal Mail and they would investigate it and find out where my passport went. So we had to go to the library to get on their website and report it as lost... only to find out that I would have to go in person to a big delivery office building which could be anywhere, but we were lucky enough to have one in Croydon.

When we got to the delivery office they told me the best they could do was check for it in their inventory, it was there, and because neither I nor the mission office had a tracking number for it that there was nothing they could do.

In the end basically everything was set for us to go to London on Friday morning and have an interview for the replacement passport, which we had to get permission from the Area President to do(President Gubler asked for us though :P), when we went to a meeting with our Zone Leaders on Wednesday. At the end of the meeting they brought us all the post for the missionaries in our districts and right on top in an envelope with my name on it was my passport! That definitely made my day, but sadly going into London will have to wait!

There were many great things we saw this week, we had another week to work hard and show our love for the Lord and His people, so that's what we did.

I love you all!

Elder Draney

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