Monday, January 11, 2016

Jan 11th, 2016

Hello my friends and family!

Another week in Croydon, another week in the promised land!

This week was definitely the wettest week of my mission! Almost everyday it poured down rain for the majority of the day, but that's something I knew would come sooner or later serving in England! Saturday was the stormiest by far. Earlier in the day Elder Chrimes and I shared Helaman 5:12 during a lesson(talking about the adversary sending his mighty winds and a mighty storm) and a few hours later we got to experience it firsthand. My pants looked like skinny jeans! We got completely soaked and the wind nearly blew us down a hill, but regardless we had fun and found people that we are going to go visit again so it was a good experience.

The lesson that we had on Saturday morning was a very powerful one. We taught a man in his 50's named Ronald who we have been teaching for awhile with Brother Penovich from the ward. Ronald's responses and insights into the things that we teach made it plain as day that he has been prepared by the Lord to learn the restored gospel and to live it. He's come to church with us a couple of times and really enjoyed it, we are both looking forward to teaching him again this week.

It seems to be a trend over the past few weeks but time is becoming more and more of a precious resource. I found out this morning that my passport got sent to me a week ago so I could start working on getting my driver's license in the UK, and it hasn't arrived when it should only take a day or two to arrive so I might have to jump through the hoops of getting a replacement. Bad news: that's really really bad. Good news: The US Embassy is in London so I would have to go into London to get it replaced.

I really hope it don't have to get it replaced, but either way I know it's in the Lord's hands. Thank you so much for the Christmas package! It finally arrived on Thursday! Reese's trees are always in season! ;)

Love you!

Elder Draney

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