Monday, February 22, 2016

Crystal Palace

 Hello my friends and family!

It was a great week with Elder Chazuka!

I love Elder Chazuka so much! We went right to work this week and had a lot of fun. White washing has been interesting for sure, there are a lot of things we are still learning but it already feels like  we've got the hang of most of it. The area we live in is a lot like Croydon, very multicultural and very busy. Lot's of ambulances and police sirens too. 😉

The flat we are staying in is what you would imagine a tiny missionary flat in London to be like, 2 rooms and a bathroom. It's nice though because it is right off of a busy street and is really easy to keep clean.

I already said it, but I love Elder Chazuka! Last night we were getting ready to go to bed and an ambulance drove past our flat with it's lights on but it didn't have it's siren on and he said "That ambulance is so humble man. All the other ones drive with the siren on, but that one is just quiet."  Needless to say I lost it.

The ward is really cool as well, the Ward Mission Leader is on top of things and they are all very close, so I'm looking forward to working with them. The missionaries we are serving around are great as well, I know all of them so it will be fun.

On Saturday we had Zone Conference with Elder Johnson from the Europe Area Presidency. I could talk about that conference for a long time but saying it was revelatory and very spiritual will suffice.

This week I felt like there would be a lot but as I sit down to write this email there is nothing in my head. Hopefully more comes soon.

Even though a lot has changed this week, the enjoyment and spirit of serving as a mission hasn't diminished. The happiness that accompanies a mission is the greatest I have ever felt.

I love you all so much!

Elder Draney

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