Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy February!

Hello my friends and family!

It was a very good week this week! Miracles are abounding!

Our friend John who I mentioned last week came to church and really enjoyed it! His phone went off during sacrament meeting and he didn't know how to turn it off so Elder Chrimes and I took it an ran out in the hall to turn it off, it was a pretty exciting meeting.

This week we had zone training with President and Sister Gubler. I've said it a lot but I love President Gubler so much! He's an amazing example of being happy all the time and being diligent in your service to the Lord. we learned a lot as well, we all studied together from Nephi's account of Lehi's dream. I never really had a huge love of the scriptures before I read them everyday but now I have a fondness for them, but sometimes it's still hard to understand completely so I always appreciate studying with others, especially President Gubler.

We also got to exchange with the other Elders in our district, and we brought Elder McCombs and Elder Foster into our area. They are both funny guys and they've been serving with us in Selsdon ward for the past 4 months so we know each other pretty well and get along great so it was a lot of fun. I worked with Elder McCombs and we had a very spiritual lesson with a former investigator that we stopped by in the evening. She loved her experience with missionaries in past and coming to church but when the elders teaching her got moved she "gave up", we spent a very long time listening to her but also listening to the Spirit so we could ask the right questions and truly discern her needs even deeper than the words she was speaking to us. It was intense and exhausting, but I know that God worked through us and we did everything we could for her so it was very rewarding.

This week I will go on exchange with Elder Foster so it should be a lot of fun! The only downside is that they stay with us in our flat and eat all of our food! We scrapped by this last week so we made sure to stock up today!

Emails on my iPad are playing up at the moment and I can't seem to fix the problem right now so I will see what I can do but it might mean that this email will be really short. Sorry. :(

To end I will share my favorite scripture from my study this week:
"I glory in plainness; I glory in truth; I glory in my Jesus, for he hath redeemed my soul from hell." 2 Nephi 33:6

That is the song of my heart.

I love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Draney

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