Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day

Hello my friends and family!

It was another fun week in Crystal Palace! Elder Chazuka and I feel like we've settled down pretty well thus far. Getting around in our area is the biggest thing we are getting used to but we have figured it out quicker than I thought we would.

This email is probably going to be really short because we haven't had much time to sit down and write our emails so I apologise if it seems brief!

On Wednesday we had a meeting with of the missionaries in the Wandsworth Zone (The only zone completely in London). There are a lot of missionaries that I know well in the zone and all of the missionaries are solid hard workers, I'm grateful to be serving around them.

On Friday we had to travel down to Croydon so I could take the driving theory test. It was really weird to be back in Croydon even though it's only been a couple weeks. I could definitely feel the difference in being there, that Crystal Palace is where we are both supposed to be. Even though it was the same city, the comparably small mantle had shifted. It was definitely very interesting. I passed the test as well, so it was a good day!

Saturday was a really special day for us! A few months ago I wrote about in my letters a woman that we were teaching named Brenda, and on Saturday she got baptised! Elder Chrimes and I taught her several times before we found out that she lives in an entirely different part of London, so we referred her to the sister missionaries in Clapham Ward. The reason that we were there is because Clapham and Crystal Palace wards meet at the same chapel and President Gubler gave us permission to go and support her. It was great to see it happen because it is something she has been looking forward to for a long time. She was so happy the whole time and that happiness spread over to all of us who were there.

The pictures will explain why the email is short and why we are emailing so late, but hopefully they make up for it!

My favourite scripture I read this week came from Alma 7, which is an amazing sermon on its own but is full of shorter verses that are great as well. It's verses 23&24:

"23 And now I would that ye should be humble, and be submissive and
gentle; easy to be entreated; full of patience and long-suffering;
being temperate in all things; being diligent in keeping the
commandments of God at all times; asking for whatsoever things ye
stand in need, both spiritual and temporal; always returning thanks
unto God for whatsoever things ye do receive.

24 And see that ye have faith, hope, and charity, and then ye will
always abound in good works."

It's a great formula to continually be happy and bless others around you.

I love you all!
Elder Draney

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