Monday, April 18, 2016


Hello my friends and family!

Another week in Peckham!  This week was less busy in terms of things that took us out of our area, so we were able to do a lot more for our friends and met a lot of new investigators this week!

On Tuesday we had a Zone Training with with President and Sister Gubler. Sister Gubler related the story of Lehonti in the Book of Mormon to our calling as missionaries. Lehonti eventually gave in to many invitations to "come down" from his camp and was eventually "poisoned by degrees" and died. Lots of parallels to all of us in our gospel lives, I'll let you study the chapter (Alma 47) and find your own insights and connections. :)

Later that night we went with President Gubler to a meeting to help train ward council members in the Wandsworth Stake. About an hour before the meeting we asked him what he wanted us to help him with and
he told us that HE had no clue what the stake president wanted from him or us, so we would listen the Spirit. After the opening hymn our stake president stands up and says "We will now turn the time over to President Gubler." and for more than an hour President Gubler spoke and directed a mock ward council, and it was really powerful.
President Gubler loves the Lord and does all he can to serve him, he is surely a man of God.

We had a few exchanges this week as well. On Wednesday we exchanged with Elder Mattson and Elder Ocora who serve with us in Peckham, I went with Elder Ocora from Uganda. Elder Ocora was taught by missionaries in Uganda quite a bit before he joined the church and has a big testimony of Moroni's promise. He got an answer only when he resolved that he would share the Book of Mormon with others, so now he's serving a mission!

On Friday we exchanged with the Crystal Palace elders, Elder Brinkerhoff and Elder Chazuka. It was great to see them, Elder Chazuka was as funny as ever. I went with Elder Brinkerhoff, it was a good opportunity to get to know him better and learn from each other. He served in Christchurch for 10 months, so we talked about my first area
a lot and how it's changed. It's crazy how long it's been since I left... :(

Friday night was interesting as well because right before we exchanged Elder Howe and I were doing some things on the chapel computer we needed to get done, and as we went to leave we found out we were locked in. The bad part is that we don't have a key to the chapel, even though normally the missionaries have a key, and chapels in
England all have gates around them. So Elder Howe and I had to grab chairs and boost ourselves up an hop over the gate so we could get a key from a member that lives across the street to lock up the building. It sounds a lot less exciting than it was, but I have to find stories to email about somewhere so there ya go. 😄

On my mission my love and desire to read the scriptures has grown immensely. I've really come to see that they are the anchor of our testimony, and are necessary to keep our faith growing. I really love the time we have every morning to read, reading them daily is a must, so please do. Just a little thought and encouragement.

I love you all so much! Have a good week!

Elder Draney

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