Monday, April 25, 2016

Missions are where the fun are

Hello my friends and family!

Another blessed week! Elder Howe and I were excited for this week because it was the first week in awhile without any meetings so we would have a lot more time to work in our area, but things still found a way of getting very busy but that's what the work should be like, so no complaints.

We had very good lessons this week. The longer I am on mission the more and more I love the Holy Ghost and all He does. We do relatively little when it comes to teaching, because the words we speak should come from the Spirit and the only way anyone can know of the validity of what we are teaching is by feeling that same Spirit. Our calling as missionaries is to "preach my gospel by the Spirit" (D&C 50:14) and we must pray in faith, because if we receive not the Spirit, we shall not
teach (D&C 42:14). Lessons like the ones we had this week build my testimony of these principles, because the Spirit was definitely the teacher, and all of us were taught together.

One of our lessons was with a lady we met on the bus named Grace. Elder Howe taught her last week on exchange and then this week Elder Hulleman and I taught her on exchange, so two different  missionaries both times, but great lessons as well. When we called her the day before and when we were actually teaching her she said she enjoyed what she read from the Book of Mormon. She told us that she knows there is power in the Book of Mormon and she can feel it when she reads! We are definitely excited to teach her again, we should be seeing her tomorrow.

We also taught our brother Ola more about the Book of Mormon and some specific questions he had about prayer. He got emotional during the lesson a few times and told us about some of the struggles he has been facing but was able to feel and see how turning to the Savior will give him what he needs and that what we are teaching him will draw him closer to the Savior. The Holy Ghost was the teacher in both of these lessons.

Funny story about the picture last week, we had loads of food on Monday and after a few days and an exchange with 6 missionaries in our  flat we were basically out of the staple foods like milk, eggs, bread, and tortillas(essential for missionaries) by Friday. So we had a lot of apples and noodles for a couple of days.

It was a great week all and all. I had the strongest desire today to extend my mission. I wish missions were still 30 months. 😉

I love you all so much. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only source of complete and abiding peace available to all of us. I know that is true.

Have a blessed week!

Elder Draney

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