Monday, April 4, 2016


Hello my friends and family!

The first week in Peckham flew by. It happens every week, but I just thought I would remind you. :)

Honestly it's been amazing, we saw a lot of miracles and were to but it very simply just blessed this week. Elder Howe and I are doing great, the first few days of our companionship felt like we were on exchange again but things have settled in and we are having a good time.

Conference was amazing. No other way to put it. The things spoke about and the answers I received to questions I had confirm to me that the speakers are called of God and speak His words.

I've gotten to know the other missionaries we are staying with as well, Elder Pitbladdo and Elder Ferreira, they are hilarious! Our flat is a lot of fun. It's interesting though because it's full of old antique ashtrays, furnaces, and creepy African carvings that are all part of the furniture that came with the flat. Regardless it's great. In the coming weeks other elders in the zone will be coming to our flat for exchanges, so it's going to get pretty full pretty quick, so we bought a ton of food today.

This week is going to be crazy crazy busy, but I'm looking forward to it, so you'll get another "This week flew by!" next week!

One of the miracles that we saw this week was meeting our friend Gregory. On Wednesday night we ran outside for our last 20 minutes of the day after some phone calls and we were able to talk with him very briefly and invite him to meet us at the chapel the next morning. On Thursday we were able to show him around the chapel and teach him about the Restoration. It was a great teach because he was focuses in on us entirely and Elder Howe and I both knew that the Spirit was speaking through us exactly the words he needed to hear. At the end of the lesson he prayed and afterword said "I think I'm onto something good,". All the rest of the day we saw many other miracles, but that is the one I felt to share!

I love serving here in England! I never think it can, but my love grows for the work the longer and longer I serve. I love you all as well!

Elder Draney

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