Monday, November 16, 2015

16 November 2015

Hello my friends and family!

The nasty English weather has officially arrived! This past Friday the cold weather turned on like a light switch and the rain followed shortly after on Saturday. I feel like my blood has definitely thickened since last year and the damp cold doesn't penetrate as deep, but the rain combined with the cold adds a new meaning to the phrase "soaked to the bone". Weather like that always teaches/reminds us what it means to work, and that's what Elder Chrimes and I did this week, we worked.

I finally ventured(was forced into) to eat a particular food that I have been avoiding for the past 14 months, doner kebabs. We were invited to grab some dinner with one of our close friends on Wednesday and I ended up finally trying one. I had been avoiding it before because I didn't want the possible health risks ending my mission halfway through! These aren't the perfectly sanitary meet and vegetable sticks, they are much more risky! I will let you Google what lamb doner meat looks like as it is being cooked and how it is served! :) I'll include a couple of blurry pictures as well! It was really good!

Overall this week went quickly as they all do. On Tuesday we went on exchanges with missionaries in another town called Maidstone. Maidstone has a lot of English architecture, a lot of cool archaic buildings and cobbled streets. No pictures of it though, exchanges are always really busy, sorry... :)

On Thursday we had Zone Conference which is always a highlight! It's always good to see missionary friends and past companions (it might be the last time I will see Elder Probst before I come home) but the biggest take away is always the training from President Gubler. I have no doubts that he is an inspired leader, the one we all as missionaries need right now, and conveyed the Lords message to us. I know when I feel a power beyond my own, and I felt the Spirit very powerfully as we were there. One of the biggest indicators for me that the Spirit has spoken to me is the drive and desire to improve, no matter how good I may think I am doing, and I definitely feel that now.

The updates this week are a little short because a lot of the fruits of our labors were less obvious, but nonetheless there. I love the Lord and doing His work. I feel Him working with me(which only He has the patience needed to do) and through me. I love Him and I know He loves you. You are my family and I love you too!

Love, Elder Draney

PS. They are upside down but I have noooooo clue how to fix it. Sorry :)

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