Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello my friends and family!

Another blessed week in Croydon! It was a little rainy this week but a lot of great things happened so it was a good week as they all are!

Most of the interesting things happened on Sunday, Sunday is usually the highlight of the week anyway.

One of the coolest things was seeing a new member of the church named Esther that was actually taught by one of the sisters, Sister Mahaffey that was with me in the MTC but is in the London Mission, not London South. The reason we saw her is because Esther is originally from the Croydon area but moved away for university but came back to visit her family. The coolest part by far is that a couple of weeks ago through Sister Mahaffey we were able to get into contact with Esther's mom and start teaching her! So because we knew each other in the MTC we are able to teach members of the same awesome family! :)

Another highlight was a familiar face from Christchurch popping up at church yesterday! My first Ward Mission Leader on my mission, Russ Babidge, came to Selsdon Ward to visit his son-in-law and neither of us had any idea! Just before the sacrament hymn started he walked in an we had a quick hug before we had to sit down for the hymn. We got close while I was serving in Christchurch and seeing friends after so long is always awesome! Everywhere I go there are connections to Christchurch.

This week Elder Chrimes and I found a lot of new friends and we are looking forward to seeing them next week! We had a pretty mixed week of teaching, finding, and some service opportunities as well. On Saturday we had a belated Thanksgiving dinner with an American member of the ward and one of our investigators! I've eaten a lot of food at dinners on my mission and it wasn't the most I've eaten, but I was still really full so it accomplished its purpose!

My mission is the single most defining and stretching experience of my life, and I know it's meant to be that way. I wouldn't trade any of it or the time I have left for anything. I love the Lord for calling me on this mission, and I will forever be in debt to Him for all He has done for me.

I love you all!

Elder Draney

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