Monday, November 2, 2015

Remember, remember

Hello dear friends, and family,

My second lack-luster English Halloween is over and now it's on to the next fun holiday that we can't participate in as missionaries, Guy Fawkes Day or "Bonfire Night". In celebration of Guy Fawkes failing to blow up Parliament everyone lights off fireworks and stays up late having bonfires, but it's not as fun as it sounds when you only get to listen to the fireworks... ;).

As I've said before repeating seasons on my mission has been one of the weirdest experiences of my mission in general so far. The weather has also come full-circle since I've been in Croydon. I started out here wearing sweaters and jackets to then losing them during the summer, and now we are back in sweaters and jackets again! I'm completely fine with that though, I love the colder weather!

Elder Chrimes and I are very blessed to be serving in Croydon at this time. We are able to see miracles everyday, things beyond coincidence or probability but undeniable evidences of the Lord's hand in our work. As we have done all we can to be obedient and work diligently we have been exactly where He needed us to be and been able to take part in wonderful blessings. We've been able to reconnect with some our closest investigators, help those who are truly in need of our help, and met new friends that are ready love the gospel; because we sought and followed inspiration and were right were the Lord needed us to be. I like to keep sacred experiences sacred, but I bear my heart and
testimony that God lives and is actively and anxiously involved in all of our lives.

This email is short, I'm sorry! Know that I am happy, I am grateful for the time I have to be a missionary in England, and I love the Lord. We live in the greatest of all dispensations, the "times of
restitution of all things" and by virtue of our testimonies we must all be engaged in this great missionary work. Don't hide your light under a bushel, stand tall and let it shine on all those that you
know. The Book of Mormon is the anchor of my testimony, and I know with great conviction that it is true.

I love you so much!

Elder Draney

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